Sunday, July 31, 2016

An email sent to Manjaro Linux

To:        Alexandre A. Arnt @

From:   Bob Kowalski

Mr. Arnt,
I am writing only because 24 hours I still have not received email to verify my email address from the Manjaro Forums acknowledging my hitherto futile efforts to sign up.
I can see that the account has been created but not verified.My experience with other forums has been that if the verification email does not come within 5 minutes, it is never coming. I appreciated that you guys are still in the process of setting up a new software to manage the forums.
At this point, based on my experience with the forums, all I can say is, Thank Goodness that I'm not trying to solve a serious problem with a Manjaro installation.

FWIW, my experience with Manjaro 16.08pre has so far been very bad. After several attempts to install it (mostly my fault), I succeeded in getting Majaro-KDE 16.08pre installed. On first boot and several afterward, there were immediate kernel panics.
Changing intel-ucode.img in /boot/grub/grub.cfg in my Kubuntu installation to match the installed kernel fixes the problem. I suspect this is a problem on my installation because it uses an AMD kernel. (I followed these instructions from (Dated mid-April 2016).
Given that this is a pre-release, I booted into my Kubuntu installation. Googled "Manjaro kernel panic." LO AND F****ing BEHOLD, it's a longstanding problem with Manjaro installations, not as might be expected, the fault of using a pre-release. With Grub2 in the state that it's in, it is self-inflicted stupidity to have a problem like this continue past a development snapshot, but in a rolling release, it's unforgivable. The recommended solution to Manjaro's chronic kernel woes? Manually editing /boot/grub/grub.cfg every time the Manjaro kernel changes.

Quite frankly, if Manjaro will not play nice with previously installed OS's, I have no use for it, and will warn friends and colleagues against it. This is the kind of behavior that pushed me away from Microsoft. I'm sure you remember the days of having to install Windows first on a new dual-boot machine. Because if you didn't it would trash the bootloader (whether, LILO, Grub, Grub2 etc) and only allow booting into Windows.
Every so often, I get the itch to try out new distributions. I've tried out Debian, Linux Mint, KaOS (which I use on my laptop), DeepIn (love the interface, but it doesn't seem possible to get "under the hood" very easily), KDE Neon, and some others that have slipped my mind at the moment. 
Basically, I liked what I saw in comments about Manjaro, so I thought I would try it out. As you can  see, I have found it a great disappointment.

When I googled "Manjaro kernel panic" I found out that the problem seems to be because of not using my Manjaro installation's installation of Grub2. Given that I was only trying out Manjaro to see if I liked it or not, in this situation there is absolutely no reason to mess with my setup any more than necessary. Or just to accommodate the whims of irresponsible developers or some sort of perverse overly parochial corporate culture. If Manjaro doesn't playing well with others here, where else would it behave unforeseeably and unpredictably?

I have never ever, no not even once, had anything like this happen with any distribution that I've test-driven over the last 12 or 13 years (Mandrake 7 was the first distribution that I could get to install). On any other distribution kernel panics such as Manjaro's would result in a fix issued in a few hours along with apologies from the developers for carelessness. The fact that Manjaro's kernel panic is unique and longstanding implies a project culture with some of the worst asocial stereotypes from Linux and geek/nerd culture: if you don't like our way, learn to program. Or in this case, develop your own distribution or use somebody else's. We don't want or need people like you who don't "get us."
This is why I won't be using or recommending Manjaro to friends, acquaintances, clients or to anyone else who value free and open standards in software and in computing in general.

PS I'll post this letter and any replies that I receive on my blog (

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