Thursday, January 11, 2007

old idols

god spoke

the spirit flared

baal trembled and broke

man-god revealed

light filled churches

rome trembled and broke

god hid

the spirit fled

the cross trembled and broke

* * *

What is an idol? The quick & dirty answer is a "false god." When one would worship a deity, the question naturally arises: how does one know that one's chosen deity is not an idol? The decisive criterion is that a false god, being false, fears truth and hates reality, lest its lack of reality be found out. Whatever persuasive power an idol might have to compel worship flows from threats of punishment and hatred of all those outside its congregation. The would-be deity is not a love-object. An idol cannot be loved. It does not seek love: it wants only fear, sacrifice, and obedience. [Think especially of Baal and child sacrifice in the Hebrew Scriptures.] An idol is a bully whose passing goes unmourned.

1 comment:

  1. Insightful post!
    It reminds me of the recent TV special about Mormons. The deceased President Hinkley was discussing education. He said fields of study that might lead to questioning faith must be avoided.


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