Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Meaning(lessness) of Existence

Existence has no meaning. That means existence, or life if you prefer, does not have a bad meaning either. Most often assertions of the meaninglessness of existence conjours up sad, gloomy thoughts. Instead of attributing something positive, one attributes a negative, fearful significance to one's existence.

For something to have meaning there must a context. For there to be a context there must be something besides that which is contextualized. If existence includes everything that ever was, everything that presently is, and everything that will ever be, then how could existence have a context? How could existence have any meaning, good or bad? In short, the meaning of existence is not "about" existence. Instead whatever emotional and existential significance humans attach to this and similar phrases reflects and expresses how human beings feel and think about what goes on in their lives. The significance one attaches to one's existence is symptomatic of one's psychic health and nothing more.

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