Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Remedial Blasphemy for Christians, or Why do believers often hate and mistrust atheists? (Redux)

Why do Christians hate and mistrust atheists? It's not like were the ones who go around condemning something that they secretly hate, or use the gullibility faith of their congregation for swindles.

Honestly, read through the following stories and then ask yourself who has more right to fear and mistrust?

Ted Haggard.

David Paszkiewicz: the high school teacher at Kearny High School in Kearny, NJ, who told his students would go to hell if they didn't believe in Jesus. And who denied proselytizing in his class until confronted with a tape recording by one of his students.

Gay marriage critic tried on lewdness

The Murder of Larry Hooper

California pastor faked documents, stole the church and then cut a deal

And these are just the examples that I can think of off the top of my head. With a google search, many more can be found.

Of course, the easy retort is that they aren't real Christians, or they were only acting out of base motives, or some other self-excusing rationale. But that only begs the question: how is anyone, believer, saved, or not, to tell the difference between charlatans and true Christians? It would appear that that could only be revealed on Judgment Day.

If the Holy Ghost fills Christians, so that it inspires their actions, then when a Christian lies, murders, or commits some other sin in the name of Christ, then is he not committing Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, AKA the unforgivable sin?

If only a tenth of what the Palestinians say of Israel's actions towards them is true, then isn't support of those atrocities still a sin? Murder is murder. Theft remains theft. Bearing false witness remains bearing false witness. I can't see how sinning in the Name of The Father is any more excusable than sinning out of everyday lust. If God is truly all-powerful, why does He need me to lie, murder, cheat and be party to a whole host of sins all for the sake of the Big Picture of His Plan for Humanity?

Isn't there something sinful and shamefully prideful in the Evangelical push to hurry up the Apocalypse? As if their all-knowing and all-powerful God should need them to make His plans come to fruition? His plans that were set into motion from before Creation?

Pride remains pride. Maybe that was Lucifer's sin: he wanted to hurry up God's plan. But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my father only. [Matthew 24:36], but now anyone with thirty some odd dollars at Barnes & Noble can get an illustrated guide to The End Times, as well as numerous explanations of exactly when & how & what will happen before the Fightin' Jesus shows up.

The temptation of Apocalyptic thinking is that of self-importance. Apocalyptic Christians no longer imitate the Crucified, they imitate the Fightin' Jesus, as if they could sit on Jesus' throne in this life and then pass judgment on friends, neighbors, and strangers in this life.

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