Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Guilt of Creation

Religious types use their myth of God's creation as a rationalization for their misogynist, homophobic, and generally hate-inspired demands for what other people ought to be doing. They -- the religious types -- not only know better, they know what's best for the rest of us.

I find the smugness in their identification with God particularly loathsome. They have great difficulty in distinguishing what they demand from what God demands. This inability to distinguish their wishful thinking from God's Plan and God's Love for humanity appears to be de rigeur for Evangelicals. The more annoying consequence of this narcissistic propensity trots out God as the raison d'etre of the believer's desires and morality. "Morality," by the way, is a euphemism for unexamined compulsive and neurotic behaviors, behavioral tics, as it were.

This systemically and willfully obliterates humanity's point of view on God and His works because such a view of humanity looking back at God is presumed a priori to be fatally flawed because of sin. God looks at us and we look back at Him, regardless of whether He or believers like it.

Looking back at God from within one's humanity it is inevitable that human existence is intrinsically flawed and guilt-ridden. Existence is a gift. But as creation is also an act of divine will, it also means one's creation also creates obligations. One's continued existence is a continued manifestation of that original assertion of divine will. Following the logic of the doctrine of creation, this means that existence entails a moral obligation to be the fullest & purest manifestation of divine possible.

Pursuing this line of thought further, human beings were given Free-Will, but if we do not act in accordance with Divine Will, we incur guilt, we become flawed creatures. Ergo if we act in accordance with how we were created, that is to use the free-will that God gave us, which God Himself pronounced "Good," we become guilt-ridden, flawed sinners.

What is the big point here: guilt & Original Sin are intrinsic to the Christian doctrine of Divine Creation. Further, it should come as no great shock that the grand justification for opposition to Evolution and Darwinism, namely that Divine Creation of Humanity is a guarantee of Human Dignity, is a lie, a sham, and a sophistry.

That human beings were not divinely created scandalizes Evangelicals. It scandalizes because although they think of themselves as the bearers of Good News -- that is what Evangel means in the original Greek -- they only bring tidings of darkness, ignorance, and fear. If there is a "true" Evangelion, it is that Christianity was all a bad dream: there is no guilt and no need for redemption. It is tempting to speak of life as a gift, but that would require a giver.

Human beings are free. Running away from this freedom from morality and guilt is certainly one way of making use of this freedom, but then again, Evangelicals and religious-types have never been particularly sensitive to irony.

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