Thursday, April 19, 2007


Checks and Balances assumes a difference of opinion and of social concerns. Christianity with its Revealed Truth assumes that it is the diversity of opinion and of social concerns which humankind exhibits is illusory. Once The Truth is known and respected, then, and only then, can differences of opinion and of social concerns can be resolved once and for all.

Given Christianity's bloody history in dealing with heretics and sectional strife, "Truth" would appear to be more a political prize and symbol devoid of content. It is not whether one has the The Truth or whether one has access to Truth, it is whether one feels oneself sufficiently convinced that one has The Truth. And, most importantly of all, whether others are sufficiently convinced that you or your faction has The Truth that matters more than one's own opinion. The feeling that one is right or in a special relationship to the hereafter or to God's Plan for Humanity is not a criterion of anything, let alone truth or Truth.

Incidentally, any attempt to defend Christianity as a revealed religion runs afoul of an unpleasant authoritarianism. Revelation must be kept clean from contamination and as close to its original form and content as possible. This means that part of any revelation is the requirement of keepers for that revelation. An offense against the keepers is an offense against the Most Holy Source of All True Revelation, i.e., God for Christians. This is one thing that the Roman Catholics got right: an offense against the Church is a sin and an offense against Christ. The Church is, after all, The Bride of Christ.

Further, the Keepers Of The Revelation can brook no second-guessing, no difference of opinion. Any threat to their monopoly on What The Revelation Means cannot be tolerated. The logic of revelation and revealed truth, if carried to conclusion, requires a return to ignorance, fear, disease, and a hatred of anything new.

The logic of faith in revelation is grounded in the belief that no matter how bad life might be here and now, life would be so much worse without the Tribal God to protect and bless the tribe.

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