Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some Politics, Pt. II

Hatred of anyone who would disagree is a common feature of the Abrahamic religions. Believers protest that they themselves are blameless in this matter. It is God, their God, who consigns infidels, blasphemers, and heretics to eternal damnation. This would be analogous to a low-level Nazi functionary protesting that it was Hitler and his closest advisors that decided who would go to Auschwitz and Birkenau, while our low-level Nazi merely followed Hitler. In proclaiming their submission and self-abasement before their God, believers also declare their whole-hearted approval of their God. The Abrahamic god is infinite, all-knowing, infinitely compassionate, omnipotent, and possesses a whole host of other divine attributes. What do all the traditional attributes of God mean? Only that God is always in the right, and human beings are always in the wrong.

A further consideration. To the extent that the Abrahamic religions love and value truth, they must also hate and despise error. The more important truth is, (and what could be more important than avoiding eternal torment?) the more dangerous error and heterodoxy become. It is not difficult to imagine believers caught up in a vicious cycle of exalting the beauties and glories of truth while simultaneously punishing without mercy or reserve every deviation from their most glorious and beautiful truth.

Consequently, Christianity in particular is marked by a hatred of dissent and a reluctance to allow serious discussion on any issue of fundamental importance. It is this lust for uniformity which places Christianity in contradiction to the American Constitution as it was conceived and explained in the Federalist Papers.

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