Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some Updates

I changed the layout. Mainly because I got bored. I rewrote my profile, and I changed the template and layout. I also removed the tags from the posts that had them. Since I hadn't been consistent in my use of tags, I didn't feel they would be helpful. And, I'm at a loss as to which tags to use.

I also uploaded a picture. The figure is laughing and saying, "Satan is an anagram of Santa." It's my own trivial way of making fun of all those Christians who justify their hostility towards Santa Claus with "Santa is an anagram of Satan." The implication being, of course, that it is Santa who is the malevolent Lord of this world.

I will use this picture as an avatar on forums. So, if you see it, you know it's me.

If anyone has any suggestions for any other changes, I'll take them under advisement.

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