Sunday, June 3, 2007

Love and Knowledge

Does love come with an obligation to know one's beloved? It is easier to show that the negative is unsatisfactory. If knowledge of the beloved is unnecessary, then whatever I do on behalf of the beloved cannot result from consideration of his needs, wishes, or wants. There is no guarantee that what I do will in any way ameliorate his condition. Consequently, what I do for his sake will arise out of my needs, my wishes, and my wants. Without knowledge of the beloved, the comforts I offer will ease my conscience but will be indifferent to his needs, wants, or wishes.

Love without knowledge and concern for the beloved as a particular individual means exploitation of the beloved for the needs, desires, and enhancement of the one who would love. Love becomes a subtle but brutal power relation. The oppressed feed the consciences of the faithful.

The God of Love stands unmasked as a vampire.

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