Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Parable for Creationists

In the land of Nod, there is a religion called Oddism. One of the principal tenets of Oddism is that there is a multiple of 2 that is odd and this multiple of two is in fact not perfectly & evenly divisible by 2. Arithmeticians are known for their lack of belief in Oddism. In fact, Arithmeticians impute to Oddists a fanatical and irrational hatred of arithmetical reasoning. The Oddists in turn impute fanaticism and irrational belief to the Arithmeticians because of the Arithmeticians' consistent refusal to consider Oddist Arithmetic to be as equally arithmetic as the Arithmetic of the Arithmeticians.

In case you're wondering, Oddists argue that since the set of whole numbers is unbounded (= not finite = infinite), no one can examine all possible numbers. Since there will always be numbers unexamined, the possibility always remains that one of these unexamined numbers is a multiple of two that is odd and thus not divisible by 2 without remainder. The consistent refusal of Arithmeticians to admit to the possibility of an odd, whole number multiple of 2 that is also divisible without remainder by 2 is PROOF POSITIVE of how close-minded Arithmeticians really are in spite of all protestations to the contrary.

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