Friday, February 8, 2008

Are Vegetarians Evil? Or, Are Meat-Eaters? Pt. II

I'll explain my hiatus in my next post.

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The main points to remember from my last post from almost 2 months ago. Morality implies a residue common to all human beings once non-essential elements are set aside. These non-essential elements include pleasures enjoyed by the immoral. The example I used was a morality often generated by vegetarianism: namely, that the pleasure offered by meat-eaters as a rationale for the consumption of the flesh of other creatures is not a "real" and "essential" pleasure.

To this I would like to add an immoral thought. Given that the human brain development is the progressive integration of its disparate elements into a whole, and that fundamentally the brain "works"by the development of neural connections, it would strongly appear that there are no inessential elements to the makeup and functioning of human brains, because changing one part changes the whole. Elimination of those parts of the brain whose functioning results in various pleasurable sensations -- such as consumption of the flesh of other creatures -- would mean changing the personality and person -- and far more likely than not this would be a diminution of emotional responses and investiture in one's surroundings -- i.e., other people, ideals of intellect and ethics, etc.

Consider this as well. Brains develop. As brains mature experiences and knowledge are stored for later use. What does this mean? Brain development encodes and reflects the vicissitudes of the environment in which that brain finds itself. Brain development is one way. Brains cannot be run in reverse.

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  1. I am the author of the site Your take is interesting, but I think it overlooks some major points.

    Humans' digestive system is simply not built to handle plant cellulose. Our stomachs produce pepsin, which is useful for breaking down meat.

    We meat eaters do not eat meat because we support some agenda, we eat it because we need to. Our bodies main fuel is protein and meat is the best source for humans. We were designed to eat it.

    Rather than engage in a diatribe here, visit my site: where you can see many more arguments for eating meat.

    Feel free to disagree in the forum.


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