Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On Being MIA

It sucks. Once I start writing I love it. It's an immensely pleasurable activity. However, I do dearly hate writing when my mind is less than clear. In August, I decided it was time to get a handle on my sleep disorder. "Sleep disorder" sounds so much more serious than insomnia or irregular sleeping patterns.

The one thing that I figured out is that my blood pressure medication interacted poorly with the antidepressants. At one point, I would sleep over 12 hours a day whenever possible. That drove my poor wife to distraction. I stopped the blood pressure medication. I wanted to see if my mood and overall energy level would improve if I stopped. They have. I also had developed a hypothesis that the blood pressure medication was resulting in increased pain in my feet which in turn was interfering with sleeping well.

I don't intend to leave my hypertension uncontrolled. But golly gee whiz, I sure don't want to try to reduce my blood pressure through medication, or at least the ones that I have tried. My dr reassures me that there are a large number of medications to reduce blood pressure. I will have to impress upon him that any medication that has increases the risk of depression, no matter how slight the statistical risk to general population, will in my case almost assuredly result in depression.

Towards the end of monitoring and reducing my blood pressure, I'd like to procure a device to measure blood pressure, and I'd to try drinking a half liter of beet juice every day. Some studies indicate that it has a dramatic effect on high blood pressure. An overall higher libido means burning more calories. More activity. Leading to greater weight loss.

I would like to note that wellbutrin seems to be working. The first thing I noticed was wild & vivid dreams. Crazy dreams like riding cross-country on motorcycles with Tony Soprano. Others that I can't remember clearly like a car-jacking, or one about witches and magic in which the magic only worked if you believed in it. All in all they've been surprisingly enjoyable.

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