Thursday, April 24, 2008

Monique Davis Reloaded, Or an Idea to Perpetrate Textual Mayhem on Christians

If you're reading this blog, you probably know who Monique Davis is, if not see this [Chicago Tribune].

I'd like to find a juicy excerpt of her tirade against Rob Sherman and atheism. A few quick edits to change occurrences of atheism and atheists to Jews and Judaism, or maybe to developmental disabled or some such.

The point of the exercise would be to show that the language of hate is largely the same regardless of the specific target. The implication is that once have becomes acceptable as a publicly-given rationale for actions and policies, whether of individuals, groups or governments, it is a relatively simple matter to change the persons toward which that hate is directed.

Historically, it has been shown more than once that hate-filled public discourse is notoriously easy to manipulate. Examples: Nazism, Stalinism, The Inquisition, McCarthyism. The infamous "Revolution devours its own children", and so on. And yet, once a little Christian feels even a wisp of pleasure at the thought of the destruction of her enemies, it must be God's Supreme Will that these enemies die, die, die and then rot in Hell. Of course, the Good Little Christian doesn't say she wants her enemies to die, die, die. She says "Thy Will be done."

It's obvious enough to everyone but the Little Christian that God is a self-manipulation to avoid ownership of her hatred, bile, and ill-will. It is God's Will that her enemies die, die, die, not her will. God for the little Christian becomes a tool to avoid self-examination and responsibility. Hate-filled discourse is one thing, the apparent object of that hatred is something else. A little Christian would have us all believe that hatred per se is no problematic, only the object to which the hate is for the moment directed.

Of course, empirical counter-evidence to the above, would be that minor edits to the words of Monique Davis or any other believer substituting "Jew," "puppies and kittens," "little babies," "American," etc. for "gay," "atheist," "liberal," "feminazi," and the like would produce be unintelligible. If, however, the slightly edited version bore a strong resemblance to manifestos of conventional hate-groups like Nazis, the Aryan Nation, the KKK, etc., then Nietzsche's seemingly paradoxical assertion that Christian Love is sublimated hatred is if not proven, strongly persuasive.

Perpetrate Textual Mayhem on Christians? Take some representative text of a Christian Leader perform some minor edits, say substituting "puppies and kittens" for "homosexuals" with adjustments to grammar as necessary. If Little Christians like Monique Davis are strongly motivated by hatred and vent their hatred toward what they see as safe groups, like atheists, then simple manipulations of the text ought to make the implied hatred transparent enough that even many Christians would be able to see it.

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