Thursday, December 11, 2008

Something I Heard

Maybe it was my imagination. I was listening to someone explain how it was impossible for atheists to have any meaningful conception of morality and ethincs. As the speaker was going on and on, I heard the following tucked away in one of his proofs for the necessity of a theistic solution to the conundrums that he put forth.

They are strangers. They do not know our ways. The ways of their women, their ways of cutting meat, they are not our ways.

These strangers' gods are not our gods. Different gods command different sacrifices. The rituals of these strangers may blaspheme our gods. We must take care lest, anger be visited upon us.

These are a danger to us and our kind. We do not know what sacrifices strange gods will demand. These strangers bring only fear to us, the favorites of our gods.

It was probably just my imagination.

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