Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Last Temptation Before Unbelief

It wasn't until I had an ex-wife that I understood the temptation of believing in the Last Judgment. The attraction of the doctrine was in the possibility that someway somehow she would have to own up to all of her self-serving evasions, deceptions of herself and of others, and acknowledge against all of her upbringing and deepest character traits that her best intentions brought grief, pain, and despair to me. Even if I couldn't pin her down and force her to gaze at her unacknowledged self-loathing, her Jesus would -- she was brought up Polish Catholic. The doctrine promised the comfort of imagining her luxuriating in the foulness of her good intentions.

The seduction failed. Or rather perhaps I wasn't Christian enough to live in fear of just such an absolute examination of me, not that I'm narcissistic enough to believe that I am without fault. The desire for revenge seemed at once both not Christian enough, and too Christian.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Unforgiveable Sin: A Hypothetical

Pscho-serial-killer-baby-eater-atheist Bob kidnaps Joe Christian. Bob ties Joe to a chair in his basement in a house far, far off in the country with no neighbors and no paved roads for miles and miles.

Bob begins to torture Joe. Bob's goal is to torture Joe into blaspheming the Holy Spirit. Bob's methods vary from the trivially annoying to the diabolical. Eventually Bob succeeds. Joe curses God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus on the Cross, and all things Holy. He asks Satan to come into his heart. You get the idea. Bob tortures Joe into committing the unforgivable sin.

Following Joe's offer of submission to Satan, Bob asks Jesus into his heart and so that he might be saved. Just then, the FBI find Bob's hideout and accidentally destroy the house in a large explosion, killing everyone inside.

So, Joe goes to Hell? Bob goes to heaven?

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