Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's been a while again

I haven't posted a while apart from yesterday's post about Michael Robbins' review of Molly Worthen's The Apostles of Reason. I can only say that my depression is to blame. I have good days and bad days, but mostly I don't give a flying fuck about anything except maybe my daughters. That said, my prescribe and I seem to have stumbled upon a medication that lightens my mood(s). Instead of a black sameness of self-criticism and self-denigration there are times when I don't and even find myself able to do more than the bare minimum to keep body and soul together. There are plenty of descriptions of what it's like to suffer from severe depression: I don't feel a need to ad to the mass of all too familiar descriptions.

What I find most relevant about depression for my blog is the fact that I find myself most strongly attracted to Christianity. Mostly it's the militant evangelicalism that I grew up with. The pull of a no-nonsense revealed religion that crucifies all reason and inquiry. Our modern day evangelicals want to have it both ways: they want the certainty promised by revealed religion and they also lust after the trappings of reason and science. Instead of decrying them as abominations that distract human beings from the truth revealed by Christianity and insisting on tradition and obedience, the offer up "rational" proofs of the Truths of Christianity. As Paul says it is foolishness to the Greeks. And who is the heir of the Greeks if not modern science and secularism?

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