Friday, February 7, 2014

Another World?

Christianity preaches compassion for the unfortunate and the sick. And yet what has done more to alleviate suffering than any other creation of humankind? Modern science with its relentless questioning of established dogmas. The germ theory of disease for instance has done more to prevent and relieve suffering and death than the Doctrine of the Incarnation ever did.

Ah! But we provide spiritual comfort, cries the Christian, we are in the world, but not of the world. We see with eyes of the spirit. Our realm is not of this world, but of another to come. It is knowledge of this other world that comforts and is promised in the turn away from the old life. There lies our treasure. The world knows not of what has been promised to us. For we have Jesus. And yet when a Christian falls ill, he first goes to the doctor then to church. The few cases of looking to the church for diagnosis and cure uniformly end badly. Faith kills. Christianity has retreated into impotence before the advances of modern science.

Why do Christians love to spin tales of another world? Is it to entertain us who find fortune and happiness in this world? If I look to another lover, it speaks poorly of my feelings for my present lover. Is the wellspring of Christianity’s other worldliness dissatisfaction of Christians with their lot in life? Could unhappiness be the impetus to turn away to a new life? The doctrine of another life slanders this life, the only one that we have.

Is it any wonder that Christianity is regarded as superstitious lies? Does this also mean that atheism is born out of dissatisfaction with Christianity? Stories of coming out as an atheist bear a suspicious resemblance to stories of Christian repentance. Atheism as a species of repentance? More thorough and less thorough atheists? Atheists of the flesh versus atheists of the spirit? A formula for holy war as comedy.

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