Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writing about Christianity

It is not given to human beings to choose the time and manner in which they live. Human beings come into this world without permission. Nor are their desires and psychic constitution chosen after consultation. As if being thrown into this world without one’s permission were not enough, we only live once. No other life has been demonstrated other than by wishful thinking.

Because of this, the conflicts that make a personality are arbitrary. The constituent drives, predispositions, and predilections of a personality find their expression and resolution (if any) in the social world into which they are born. It is from their social world that they draw the morals, symbols and ideas to express themselves both to themselves and to others. Nothing is left over; there is no supernatural residue. Faith is just another conviction. Any sense of being separated from the world as if outside looking in is just one way among others of getting on in the world. Each of us lives wholly within our social milieu.

That I am conflicted with parts of my upbringing at war with other parts I do not deny. Part of my upbringing is that of an atheist father warring with a faithful Christian mother. My parents did not live in marital bliss. They lived in hell. The war between my parents continues on by other means. Do I want or expect a resolution of this conflict between my atheism and my predisposition to Christianity? No, I do not. And not just because I love and hate my parents in equal measure. Atheism allows me to keep the conflict alive. It is a way of honoring both my parents. Besides playing both (or more) sides to a conflict is fun.

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