Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Conservative Argument for Gun Control

Our descendents will look back at us in bewilderment and confusion for our inability to regulate firearms much in the same way we look at witch hunts or Aztec human sacrifice. It should astonish us that after twenty first graders are shot by a lone gunman, we have done nothing. A white supremacist with a criminal record shoots nine parishioners in church. In some states it is legal to openly carry firearms.

Conservatives are particularly vocal about so-called Second Amendment rights and the rights of the unborn, even going so far as to call themselves pro-life. They see no tension, no contradiction in their silence. Conservatives are constantly seeking to erect copies of The Ten Commandments in public spaces because the Ten Commandments are (supposedly) they are the crucial and major foundation of Western Civilization, Morality, and Political Theory. And what is one of the commandments? "Thou shalt not kill." If the example of these vociferous Christians is to be believed. "Thou shalt not kill" does not apply to aiding and abetting killers. Unless a person pulls the trigger, apparently he is innocent, even if he sells the killer firearms, bullets, Kevlar vests, and a map to his victims' home.

Responsibility for assisting in committing murder is evaded by appeals to the personal responsibility of the client (= killer). Never mind the fact that the actions of the seller, advocates for ever greater gun "rights" make the killing at all possible. If murder can be prevented is it not the responsibility of every who "believes" in the Ten Commandments to do what they can to prevent the killing that their actions, politics, and beliefs make possible?

The failure to act on their professed beliefs and values makes it abundantly clear that Conservative's effort to erect monuments to The Ten Commandments is just so much self-promotion. It's more about filling church pews and not about preventing murder.

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