Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bob's Playlist #10

Here is the playlist for September 7, 2015.

* * *

1. Billy Squier, “Lonely is the Night” [Some 80’s rock. The lyrics aren’t as good as some but better than most. The song makes a go at profundity and meaningfulness.]

2. Billy Bragg & Wilco. A double album recommendation: Mermaid Avenue & Mermaid Avenue II. [Even after he was disabled from Huntington’s and no longer able to perform or play, Woodie Guthrir continued writing. There are thousands of lyrics dating from the late 50’s and the 60’s up until his death in 1969. Billy Bragg & Wilco wrote and arranged the music for Woody’s lyrics.]

3. Johnson Boys, “Violin Blues.” [Better known as a guitarist, Lonnie Johnson first learned to play blues on the fiddle. Blues fiddle tunes are a rarity, but hearing blues on played on the fiddle is like hearing it again for the first time.]

4. Hank Williams, Sr., “Kaw-Liga.” [When I was a child I walked around singing this one and “Hey, Good Lookin’.”]

5. Belleville Outfit, “Nothing’s Too Good For My Baby.”

6. Devo, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” [You’ll never hear the word “baby” in quite same way. Mick Jagger is supposed to have approved strongly of Devo’s version.]

7. Nina Simone, “Here Comes the Sun”

8. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, “The Boogie Bumper.”

9. Edith Piaf, “L’Accordeoniste.”

10. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Mosquito.”

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