Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bob's Playlist #9

This is the playlist for August 31, 2015.

* * *

1. Carolanne Pegg, “A Witch’s Guide to the Underground.”

2. John Prine, “Paradise.”

3. Tulku, “Anni Rose.”

4. Debashish Bhattacharya, “Mahi Shakti

5. Tommie Bradley, “Window Pane Blues.”

6. Mahlathini & the Mahotella Queens, “Nyamphemphe.”

7. Nathalie Natiempe, “Tangaz Pa Tro For.”

8. Hopeton Lewis, “Rivers of Babylon.”

9. Radiators from Space, “Television Screen.” [I really like the line “Rock and roll heroes singin’ the rich man blues.” The song predates the advent of Fox News by a decade or two.]

10. Devo, “Theme from Dr. Detroit (Dance Mix).” [Dr. Detroit is why Dan Akroyd will never, ever have the lead role in a movie. I’m recommending a Devo album: EZ Listening Disc. It’s an odd collection even by their standards. It’s 19 of their songs remixed & reimagined as Muzak. ]

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