Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update & Where I've Been for most of the Last Month and a Half

First I fell behind in posting the weekly playlists. I made the playlists for the 2 weeks following the one posted on August 24th. I had them on a USB stick at home that I kept forgetting to bring with me to the library.

Early in the morning on September 14th (or late in the evening of the 13th) I started running a fever. At about 3am it spiked at about 103 degrees. Dangerously high. I called an ambulance. I was admitted to the hospital. It was another flare up of cellulitis. Because of an ulcer on the sole of my right foot, I was admitted to the local hospital for a course of IV antibiotics. There was concern that the infection could get into the bone which could easily result in amputation. My podiatrist and I discussed surgery for the underlying problem.

Surgery was scheduled and then postponed a week because of a medication error. I spent a week in the hospital, then a week in a nursing home, then had surgery, then another 10 days in the nursing home. I went home on the 6th of October. Since then I've been getting around with a walker for longer distances and putting weight on the heel of my right foot for shorter distances.

During those 3 weeks in the hospital and the nursing home, I was with out internet access. So, of course, I fell way behind in everything connected to this blog. I did do a couple of things that should make it easier to keep this blog current. Most importantly I procured a smartphone with a data plan. The data plan is 2gb at 4G-LTE speeds and unlimited at 3g (I think) speeds. I've found the slower speed usually adequate for simple browsing: reading news and checking email.

Prior to this last stay, I went to the library for internet access every day that it was open. Now, while my foot is healing from surgery, I only go once a week. Both in the hospital and in the nursing home, it was impossible to sleep. I probably averaged 4-5 hours a night. Now that I am mostly caught up on my sleep, I intend on getting into a new routine of posting almost every day.

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