Monday, August 29, 2016

Passing thought about happiness

People all want to be happy. By this they mean they don't want pain, suffering and unhappiness. But what if the reasons for our happiness are also the same for our unhappiness? There is no love without anxiety, fear of loss and sickness of one's beloved. Ask any parent about that. Ask anyone who has ever desired another human being. And yet without that uncertainty and that possibility of pain reaching down deep into the soul, love or any other passion would be insipid, boring and worthless. Happiness is no different. If the reasons for our best happiness and our worst misery are the same, then are they not entwined tighter and more closely together than any lovers have ever been?

Friday, August 19, 2016

My take on the Law of Karma

[The following is from a letter to my teenage daughter.]

Almost everyone at some point in their life wishes for different parents, or for a different social life, or just simply to be somebody else. I think about this problem in this way. The perfect satisfaction of the law of Karma is that we are eternally reborn/reincarnated as ourselves. It is up to each person to figure out whether his or her life is a punishment or whether it is a blessing, a reward, and whether they are one of the lucky few. If you are one of the lucky few, what might at first seem to be a disaster always seems to turn out to be an amazing piece of luck. Such a person, without meaning to, reaches down deep to find the joy hiding, lurking behind obstacles, expected and otherwise, to plans and desires.

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